Thank you for booking my

Christmas Minis Treats

How to prepare for your Shoot?

  • Please arrive ready dressed and on time, my Eircode is N91V6X0
  • Drive to the back you will see the studio cabin. Please be careful driving in and mindful of other familys/children who may be on their way out or running around.
  • The Session Fee balance of €160 is payable at the session. Please have the correct amount with you as we will not have access to a card machine and also want to avoid dealing with change and handling/cross over with money due to covid.

  • Your session is 20-30 mins long, if you are late it will cut into your session time.
  • If the kids have any plasters on please remove them if not needed anymore.
  • Please make sure everyone's fingernails are clean! Believe me there is nothing worse in a photo than seeing dirt under fingernails, it stands out like a sore thumb!
  • There are no shoes allowed in the studio for sanitary reasons You are welcome to bring a fully clean pair in your bag and put them on inside the studio only.
  • Make sure your baby/child has napped and eaten before the shoot.
  • It is perfectly okay to bring bribes to the photoshoot. However please don't mention them until it's really necessary. The session is only 30 min, they don't really need a bribe. Avoid Chocolate!
  • Please iron your clothes.
  • Please avoid any self tanning products as they will stain and I am afraid fake tan lines and yellow skin will not be edited.
  • No tattoos on the arms and legs of the kids, they are very hard to remove.
  • If you or your child wear nail polish , please make sure it looks great or remove it. Please keep in mind that pink or rainbow coloured nail polish is not great for Christmas pictures.
  • Make sure all the clothes look great together. Co-Ordinate not matching
  • Smaller girls - please make sure to put something underneath the dresses and skirts, to hide the nappy and underwear. (nappy cover)

  • Outfits - Christmas PJ's are great and will work lovely with the cosy indoor scene. Please arrive wearing the PJ's as we will do this scene first, the kids (& parents if you wish) can then change into their outfit. If you don't have PJ's you are welcome to bring one second outfit if you wish. *Please avoid pinks/purples/light blue/lime green etc as these colours will not fit well with the set or my editing style. I'm also advising that children don't wear character clothes like Peppa pig/minions/spiderman etc.
  • For the outdoor scene a cosy cardigan, hat, scarf, boots, woolly jumpers etc will all look great in the colours mentioned below. Please note coats on small children can be awkward as they are aften puffed up at the side of their faces especially if they child is being held, so sticking to woolly jumpers and cardigans is better.
  • Stick to red, green, navy, cream, browns and golds and silver will all look great. Traditional Christmas colours.
  • I will do everything I can to get your child to interact and also smile at times but sometimes it's impossible, when they simply just don't want to smile, I cannot be responsible for your child not smiling.
  • If you have a baby that can not sit up, parents will need to join in the photo to hold baby unless there is an older sibling that can confidently hold the baby up and follow instructions.

Hot Choco Van

Our Hot Choco Van will be back again this year. After your session you are welcome to avail of a complimentary hot chocolate, tea or coffee, along with some sweet treats. I ask that you please wait until after your session to have this so that we don't have any spills on clothes or chocolate fingers! We don't have time for cleaning kids in-between sessions! Please be advised that while this is set in my home garden I ask that you do not let your children onto the trampoline etc as this would be completely at your own risk. I also have to advise that any drinks or food consumed are at your own risk and LM Family Photography take no responsibility for allergies, spills etc

I am so excited for this years sessions and look forward to meeting you all. I would absolutely love if you tagged us in any posts or stories on your social media while enjoying your hot chocos.

Cancellation or No Show

Unfortunately I have had a few occasions where people have not turned up to their session or cancelled at the last minute. I ask you to please be respectful of my time and the effort that goes into these sessions. If for extreme reasons you need to reschedule your session please contact me at least 48 hours before your session so that I can offer your slot to someone else. Cancellations less than 48 hours or no shows will be invoiced for the full session fee.