Motherhood Mini Muse Session

Thank you for booking a Motherhood session with me, I can't wait to document that special connection between Mommy and her little ones.

How to prepare for your Shoot?

  • Please arrive ready dressed and on time, my Eircode is N91V6X0
  • Drive to the back and you will see the studio cabin.
  • Your session will last 20-30 mins, if you late it will cut into your session time as there will be another family booked in after you. Please wait in your car for me to call you in.
  • My number is 0858107904 if you need to contact me
  • The set up will be neutral and relaxed.
  • Please remember the Motherhood sessions are for pictures with Mum. I will only allow one picture with dad if he attends.
  • Make sure your clothes all work well together.
  • Good colours for this set up are white, beige, light brown, earthy greens, salmon. Please avoid dark colours, such as blacks, dark blues and so on.
  • Please iron your clothes.
  • For Mums flowy long dresses are always great as they created textures and movement.
  • If the kids have any band-aids on the foot, thigh, etc., please remove them if not needed anymore.
  • No tattoos on the arms and legs of the kids, they are very hard to remove.
  • If your child wears nail polish , please make sure it looks great or remove it. Also make sure the colour of the nail polish fits to the clothes.
  • Make sure your baby has napped and eaten before the shoot. Please bring a bottle for the baby & drinks for the kids.
  • Please do not wear tan it can rub off and stain the kids and clothes during the shoot and also tan lines can not be edited. My editing style will give your skin a nice even warm glow so don't worry if you feel pale I promise you will look beautiful.
  • Smaller girls wearing dresses - make sure they were something underneath their dresses/skirts, to hide the nappy/ underwear.
  • No ponytails! It can sometimes look like no hair from some angles. Curled hair, pigtails or just hair let down looks really nice for pictures.
  • There are no shoes allowed in the studio & I photograph in bare feet. (or plain black socks for anyone who insists)